Kajal Khanna
Many good restaurants @ different districts were provided as POI, which helped us, reach in time to the venue, even at unknown routes / districts. Keep up the good work.
  • Sambit Shinde
    The best thing was the details the map has! It has detail roads of and place like Devlali, just amazing & that too accurate to meters. Well I am not exaggerating, I am writing this mail after a long drive throughout Nasik City & Devlali today evening. Wonderful Job indeed! I wait to see more cities in the list as well as more details. All the best to u n ur team.
  • Sathya Iyer
    Yes, I also found the Delhi map very well updated. It has many residential localities also mapped (using it extensively in Gurgaon).
  • Jinesh Mehta
    The mumbai map seems pretty upgraded. It seems like proper GPSing. Thanks. Keep up the good work guys. Best wishes.
  • Shantanu Jain
    I have gone through your website and your product. I think it is great and has a large potential.
  • Karthik Achari
    Excellent, as a regular traveler I am very pleased to see something of this kind. excellent once again keep it up.
  • Govind Menon
    Wonderful! With the improved roads and cars in India, driving direction will be a big hit for weekend travelers!!
  • Aarti Kapoor
    I must commend you and your company for such a revolutionary effort in bringing navigation to Indian space. I am quite thrilled that the technology is now available in India!
  • Puneet Khatri
    In Delhi, I drove from Vashundra Ghaziabad to Badarpur Border. It’s a good experience again with this latest MAP, and then I started again for Hauz Khas. Again it works as an expert driver who knows every route in Delhi.
  • Kiran Dubashi
    I came across this wonderful product that is simply superb. I never have seen before such a thing that now helps me as a pilot while I am on move. I now plan my route very systematically and with the help of enhanced maps that this GPS navigator provides. Its large screen has great clarity also. I get all important visual as well as audio alerts while I am traveling. Indeed fantastic ‘utility software’! Go for it if you are an avid traveler.
  • Vinay Reddy
    Maps Feedback: presently used mostly in mumbai and is very helpful. I have also used on the outskirts of Mumbai and Maharashtra and it superb.