About Us

About Us

The founder of the company is Abhinandan Tulsian. A Mechanical Engineer from V.J.T.I., Mumbai, with a M.S. from the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University, USA, Primo GPS is his brainchild. While working in the US, he travelled like a veteran all over the country with the easy-to-use and extremely user friendly car Navigation Devices available there. When back in India, similarly while travelling on the roads of Mumbai and Maharashtra, he sorely missed the guidance of the navigation device. He hunted in the market for some good options; came back empty handed but with a business idea in his mind.

He put his mind to work to come out with an equally good navigation solution for the Indian roads. He started working on the project in early 2010. Reality hit pretty early on and he realized that the high cost of the GPS device for the Indian customer itself might prove to be a deterrent. Indians are extremely cost sensitive and anything which they discern as expensive might never take off. Thus to bring down the costs and make it pocket friendly, Abhinandan used his technical knowledge and work experience to design a GPS product from scratch. After extensive work, he hit the “Eureka” moment and came up with the perfect solution at the most affordable cost possible.

To provide the best maps to their customers, Primo GPS tied up with the pioneers of map making in the Indian market (MapMyIndia). Through this partnership, Primo GPS was able to deliver a robust Portable Navigation Solution, with more than 4500 cities and towns, at prices which were typically 20% lower than that of the competition. That's the mantra of Primo GPS – high quality GPS solutions at affordable prices!

The company has come a long way since then and has grown from developing its own GPS solution to now providing a range of GPS solutions for its customers. The highly motivated team of engineers is on the job, 24/7 and we now aspire to set a new standard when it comes to customer satisfaction! Everyone merely mouths that the customer is the king but we at Primo GPS indeed treat them like emperors!

Primo GPS is founded on the principles of value creation. We apply innovation in our products to deliver a robust, performance based solution at affordable prices. We believe that everyone has a right to technology products at reasonable prices.


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