General Questions

Q: How does the GPS product work?

A: The device has a GPS receiver that receives signals from multiple GPS satellites. The device uses these signals to calculate its precise location. GPS is a free service - the satellite service does not cost anything and no SIM card/Telecom service etc. is required.

Q: Is there any recurring cost, such as GPRS or other monthly fees?

A: No, there are no recurring fees. The GPS satellite system is free to use. There are no charges after you buy the device. The service provider is the satellite system that is maintained by the US government. The GPS system does not need a SIM card to operate and hence there are no recurring monthly fees.  

Q: Is the device loaded with maps of select cities or the maps for the entire country?

A: All devices are loaded with pan India maps (from MapMyIndia) covering more than 4751 cities and more than 70 lakh points of interest (POIs).

Q: What else do I need to use the product?

A: Everything you need to get started is supplied with the purchase. Along with the device, you get car holder, car charger and a USB charger to connect device to PC. You don't need anything else to getting started using your device.

Q: Does the device work outside India too?

A: Your device comes pre-loaded with maps for India only and hence cannot be used outside India.

Navigation Questions

Q: What is the additional information can I see on the screen other than the map?

A: You will be able to see the following additional information: Latitude/longitude of your position, Velocity of the Vehicle (speed at which the vehicle is moving), Altitude above sea level, Estimated time of arrival (ETA), and Distance left to reach the destination.

Q: Can I select my destination by different options?

A: Yes, you can select your destination via various search options (such as locality name, street address, point of interest, pre-saved address, etc.). Additionally, you can also plan your trip. There is an option available called “Multi stop planner” in the menu. For more details please refer user manual.

Q: Can the navigator give us alternative routes so that we can select a particular route?

A: Yes. You can select a 'via point' and ask the navigator to take you via a particular route. Alternatively you can ask the navigator to provide a detour on a particular route to avoid known delays.

Q: How do I best utilize my device?


System Settings

Q: How do I change the display brightness?

A: You can change the brightness from the main menu.

Q: Where is the volume control for the device?

A: The volume control is located in the main menu as well.

Q: My screen calibration seems to be off. How do I recalibrate the screen?

A: Touch screen devices lose calibration accuracy with time, hence it is necessary to recalibrate the screen every few months. You may go to 'Screen Calibration' to start the recalibration process. Follow the on-screen instructions. The process should take about 30 seconds.


Q: My device does not power up

A: Make sure the battery is not discharged completely. Please charge the device using the charging cables provided and then try to switch ON the device again. If problem still persists, please contact Primo GPS's technical support team.

Q: What if the software does not load on power up?

A: Try powering OFF the device, then powering it ON again after 10 seconds. If that fails, use a pencil to reset the device by pressing the reset button using a pencil. If problem still persists, please contact Primo GPS's technical support team.

Q: My GPS satellite does not connect?

A: GPS connection needs an open sky such just satellite TV at home (TATA Sky etc). When you are near tall buildings / power plants, then reception of GPS satellites are weak and hence may take longer to connect to the satellites. To check the status of the receiver you can goto GPS status to see how many satellites are in range.

Q: My Charger has stopped working or my stand has broken?

A: When removing the navigator from the car, it is also recommended that the user carefully removes the car charger (most people leave the car charger in the car). It is possible that car charger can get shorted and it will stop working. Sometimes it also happens that the car charger gets fused because the cigarette lighter point was not properly installed.



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